Awards & Recognition

Festivals, awards and press


Mindfield film festival (2017)

Fake flesh film festival (2017)

The Hollywood hill awards (2017)

Hollywood film competition (2017)

LA shorts awards (2017)

Empty Space film festival (2017)

Aotearoa Short film lab in New Zealand  (2018)

Short to the point (2018)

Calcutta international cult film festival (2018)

Tirana International film festival-Albania (2019)

South Dakota film festival (2019)

ICA- International Cultural Artifact film festival (2019)

Calcutta international cult film festival  (2019)

Beaufort international film festival (2020)

Pasadena international film festival (2020)

Los Angeles Women’s International Doc Fest (2020)

Nevada women’s film festival (2020)

Fargo film festival (2020)

Women’s film festival, VT (2020)

Oneota film festival (2020)

The Women’s film festival, PA (2020)

Indian Film Festival of LA (IFFLA)

Florida film festival (2020)

Leofreedman Foundation First Cut (2019)

Filmschoolfest Munich (2019)

Twister Alley film festival (2020)
Gasparilla Int’l film festival (2020)
Irvine international film festival (2020)

West Chester international short film festival (2020)

The Monthly Film Festival (2020)

25 under 25 film festival (2020)


Hollywood film competition (2017)- BEST SHORT FILM
LA shorts awards (2017)- BEST SHORT FILM
Empty Space film festival (2017)- BEST SHORT FILM
Calcutta International cult film festival (2018)- BEST OUTSTANDING FILM
Meredith Macrae Memorial Award by WIF (2018)
South Dakota film festival (2019)- BEST INTERNATIONAL FILM
Calcutta international cult film festival (2019)- BEST OUTSTANDING FILM
ARTE channel award (2019)



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